April 04, 2018

How to Figure Out Your Ring Size

By Kristin Mein
How to Figure Out Your Ring Size

While some ring styles can be slightly stretched or hammered to make them 1/2 to 1 size larger, this is not always the case. Most of the time, having a ring resized requires the ring to be totally deconstructed which is time-intensive for the designer and expensive for the customer. You also risk damaging the stone in this process. The best plan is to take a few steps to confidently figure out your ring size before you order.


  • Get your size for multiple fingers (yes, they are all different!)
  • Write the size down! Email it to yourself or put it in a note in your phone that you can refer back to. Trust me. You will forget.
  • Take into consideration that most people's fingers are smaller in cold weather and swell during the summer heat so pay attention to your surroundings the day you take your size measurement. 
  • Different styles of ring bands fit differently. I recommend ordering about 1/2 size larger for a comfortable fit on wider band rings. 

With those tips in mind, there are a number of ways you can figure out your ring size, here are some of my top suggestions:

1) Schedule a visit to my studio to get your size taken.  This is definitely my top preference so we can be 100% sure we are on the same page! Email me to schedule an appointment.

2) Not local? Mail me a ring that fits the same way you want your new ring to fit. Don't worry, I will return it :) If you have a ring that fits perfectly I can measure it on my ring mandrel to replicate the same size for you. It is best to send a ring with a similar style to the one you want. Different styles of rings fit differently on the finger.

3) Go to a jeweler and get your ring size. This is a free service at most jewelers and they are going to be the most accurate. If the ring you are planning to buy has a wide band, let the jeweler know.

4) Buy a ring sizer online. This one can be a little hit or miss. Not all ring sizers are made equally and unfortunately, some can be off by up to a full size! If this is the route you want to take, I do like this cheap little plastic sizer that you can buy for just $4 on Amazon Prime or directly from my website here. It measured up accurately against my ring mandrel and won't break the bank. Be sure you buy the US version! 

5. Print and follow the instructions on this sheet from firemountaingems.com This is a super helpful reference guide but it must be printed exactly to scale to work! This is the least accurate way to get your ring size but can be helpful in a pinch.

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